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    What to expect during supervision…

    • Meet with your supervisor for 4 hours per month.
    • Meet with your supervisor for 100 total hours in no less than 24 months, and it cannot take longer than 48 months to complete supervision.
    • Be employed and work at least 30 hours a week to be able to complete the supervision process in, or close to, 24 months.
    • Complete a total of 3,000 hours when you submit your final paperwork to the board to be eligible to sit for the licensing exam. The State of TN defines this as “At least three thousand (3000) hours of clinical experience, meaning client-therapist contact.”
    • The emphasis in these definitions is assessment, diagnosis, and treatment in the psychotherapy process.

    How do I know if my job will qualify for LCSW supervision?
    The board has determined that if you assess, diagnose and treat mental health or substance use issues using DSM-V criteria for at least 40 hours per week, you are eligible for LCSW supervision.

    The First Steps

    I usually meet with potential supervisees for a free consultation. This allows us both to be sure we are a good fit for each other.
    Due to COVID-19, my supervision will be primarily individual. Individual sessions are $80 per hour. Expect to budget $320 per month. Some employers will reimburse you for supervision. Be sure to ask them!
    Please (e-mail me)if you’re interested in supervision.
    You are encouraged to visit Social Workers ( to become familiar with the application process. Know that application and processes are routinely discussed during supervision.

    Work-Life Balance Coaching

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    Consultation Services

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