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  • Work-Life Balance Coaching

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    Unable to find time for “yourself” or feeling “burned-out”?

    If you have answered yes to this question, then work-life balance coaching is for you!

    I have spent several years helping professionals both newcomers and seasoned clinicians through mentorship and coaching.  I took that passion a step further and became a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional in 2021 at the height of the Covid Pandemic recognizing how stress and fatigue has plagued healthcare professionals and many essential workers.  Through that work, I have been able to bear witness to how challenging life gets when one is no longer able to find fulfillment in their work. Many times, we choose a career based on what we are most passionate about. But what do you do when the passion slowly fades away?

    Here are some ways I may help.

    • You will be able to redefine your role as a professional
    • Learn new strategies to prevent “burnout” in your work
    • Learn the true meaning of self-care and how vital it is to making self-care a lifestyle
    • Discover a renewed sense of purpose in the work that you do
    • Achieving Balance

    Through a virtual, online platform, I bring my work as a licensed clinical social worker and coaching/mentoring experience to helping professionals who are ready to step into reclaiming balance and reconnect with their life’s purpose. Feel confident, capable and empowered in the work you do professionally and the life you want to have when you leave the office. With the philosophy of coaching principles, not psychotherapy, our work will be balanced between talk and tangible “take-a-way” tools and techniques. By the end of our coaching calls, you will have new clarity, confidence, and sense of empowerment to create your joy having reconnected with purpose.

    What are you waiting for…. Let’s get started!